Mark Fuhr® is a Certified Financial Planner® with 39 years experience in the Financial & Estate Planning Industry.

Mark provides the most comprehensive, unbiased and detailed comparison of Life Assurance Products in the industry to ensure you can protect yourself and your loved ones correctly.

Mark is an Independent Broker representing all the major life, short-term and Investment companies.

*Our consultations take place via Zoom for your convenience and Personal Safety because of Covid-19*


For the most comprehensive comparison in the country

Which companies do we compare to Discovery?

Mark will compare the following Companies Life products to the Discovery sweet of Risk Benefits



Liberty Life

Old Mutual




Bright Rock



Mark will compare almost every single Benefit provided by your selected company compared to Discovery Life

Mark will compare over 60 Different Benefits on a Like-for-Like basis.

Life Cover

Mark will compare 12 Different Benefits including Access Cover Benefits, Guaranteed Premium Review Periods, Terminal Illness Benefits and affordability of premiums at age 65.

Capital Disability Benefits

Mark will compare the maximum paid per Claim (Up to 300% Cover?) Disability Assessment – are you covered for Temporary, Partial and Permanent Disability? Occupational definition, Conditions Covered, Children’s Cover, What happens to Disability in Retirement and Multiple Claims – Does your Benefit fall away after a 100% Claim? 

Dread Disease Cover

Mark will compare the amount of Medical Events you are covered for, Maximum payment per claim 100% or 215%, Survival Period, Offshore Medical Treatment, Children’s Cover, Parents Cover, Early Cancer Benefit, Cancer Remission Cover, Multiple Claims for the same medical event and Covid-19 Cover.

Global Education Cover

Mark will compare what Benefit triggers an Education Claim where your Child's Education is paid to the end of their 1st Degree at University at both Local and International Universities? Are the triggers Death, Disability and you suffering a Category A and B Dread Disease? Will your Education Plan pay as much at 100% of the University Fees for up to 3 years of University if you do not claim for any of the above Triggers?

Income Protection

Mark will compare the term of your cover – To age 65 or Whole Life, Waiting Periods, Hospital Benefits, Fracture Benefits, Waiver of premium while Temporary Disabled, Extender Benefits, Cash Payments at age 65, Family protection, Death of a Spouse, Cover increases in Claim and Exclusions.

Cash Backs

Mark will compare what Cash you ware paid back in the 1st 10 years and at age 65, 69, 73 and 77.


Mark will compare how claims are paid by providing real life examples. This is a must see.

Wellness Programs

Mark will compare the Wellness Programs of the company you chose to compare to Vitality if they have one.

Retirement Annuity

Mark will look to see if your Life Cover will enhance your Retirement Income by as much at 125% by paying out part of your Life Cover while alive from age 65.

This is a NO PRESSURE Comparison!

With absolutely NO OBLIGATION you will come away having gained a different perspective or Life Assurance or what is called “Risk Benefits”

*Our consultations take place via Zoom for your convenience and Personal Safety because of Covid-19*

Total Transparency

As Mark believes in total transparency, he has no problem with you showing your Personal comparison to, and having it vetted by, the company you are currently insured with.

Remember, the important person here is you! Not Mark Fuhr® or the company you are currently insured with!

"My husband passed away suddenly leaving me with two small children. My Global Education Policy is a life saver, it has given me the freedom to ensure I can send my kids to the best schools and universities in the world without ever having to worry about school fees."

- Melissa Rowlston

"I have been a client of Marks since 1995 and have found his service to be nothing but outstanding. You can contact Mark at nights and on weekends and he has become a personal friend of mine over the years." 

- Paul Carruthers

"I unfortunately contracted Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and had to submit a Dread Disease Claim. The service I received from Mark was phenomenal. He knew exactly what I needed to submit a claim and it was paid within 5 days. His empathy and caring as well as his continual feedback on the progress of the claim is what really stood out and I would highly recommend him to everyone."

- Steve Langenegger


*Our consultations take place via Zoom for your convenience and Personal Safety because of Covid-19*

Who is Mark Fuhr?

Mark is a Certified Financial Planner® CFP® with 39 years, experience in the Financial & Estate Planning Industry. 

He was the youngest Life and Qualifying Member of the Million Dollar Round Table in South Africa and 5th youngest in the world.

He was a consultant at Sage Life for 26 years, being one of their top 10 consulates for 18 years and their number one consultant on two separate occasions.

After leaving Sage/Momentum Mark became an Independent Broker representing all the major life, short-term and investment companies. 

In 2001 Mark was voted by Personal Finance of the Saturday Star and the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa as one of South Africa’s top 10 Financial and Estate Planners.

Mark is the Author of the Trust Report published by Fleet Street Publication.

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Mark Fuhr is an authorized representative of Oracle Broker Services (PTY) LTD FSP No: 28418
Mark is allowed to provide advice on the following products: Long-Term Insurance, Short-Term Insurance, Pension Fund Benefits, Shares, Debentures and Secularized Debt, Collective Investment Schemes, Health Services Benefits, and Long Term and Short Term Deposits (Banking Investments) on behalf of Discovery Life.